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New Gears of War Video

2009-12-11 12:36:06 by hanman917

I am currently in the character design process for a Gears of War video. I started the design with Marcus Fenix last week and after I saw a woman shake a baby I made a short with Marcus shaking a baby drone. Definitely check it out if you havent seen it. Its called "The Last Locust." Anyway, the new character designs make Marcus' design look like nothing. I love the way they are all coming out. The only downfall is that I am not much of an animator. Still, im working on some awesome shit so be on the lookout.

I am a huge Gears of War fan and I have some awesome ideas for animations with Marcus Fenix. I had already created my first version of Marcus Fenix and flash, and then I saw a woman basically shaking her baby at a christmas festival while she was trying to sing to it. I was inspired by this woman and I decided I would create something Gears related because I already had Marcus Fenix created. I am a Graphic Design major.. not much of an animator so i put most of my effort into the images in the videos, and not so much into the actual animation, but this new video is by far my best all across the board. Check out "The Last Locust" and let me know what you think.

My absence from NG

2009-09-11 16:09:07 by hanman917

I havent submitted anything in a long time, and its because I have actually taken some time to make a fairly decent video. My old ones are shit... I know this. I am still new at this, but my newer ones are much better. I have finished a new video, but it has not audio because my computer cant play audio. So I will try to fix that and upload it. Be on the lookout for some of my work, and dont look at my older work to get a feel of my skills... my older work is really shitty.