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Marcus Fenix stars in by far my best video

2009-12-06 15:57:00 by hanman917

I am a huge Gears of War fan and I have some awesome ideas for animations with Marcus Fenix. I had already created my first version of Marcus Fenix and flash, and then I saw a woman basically shaking her baby at a christmas festival while she was trying to sing to it. I was inspired by this woman and I decided I would create something Gears related because I already had Marcus Fenix created. I am a Graphic Design major.. not much of an animator so i put most of my effort into the images in the videos, and not so much into the actual animation, but this new video is by far my best all across the board. Check out "The Last Locust" and let me know what you think.


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2009-12-06 16:10:28

Good work, dude. Now that you've got some good assets made you could make something pretty cool with Marcus in the future. As always, I enjoy punting babies in cartoons.

hanman917 responds:

Thanks man. I am definitely going to keep Marcus for videos to come and over time ill probably make him better. I am actually really psyched to start my next video. The Last Locust was just supposed to be a funny short with Marcus and some good ol' baby shakin.